Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dome is pretty much finished

After some careful work reshaping the Radar Eye to fit this dome the project is almost done.
Right now I'm going two steps forward and one step back. As expected the parts I JB welded on  to the paint aren't holding. So its time for a backup plan. My fix to hold these parts in position is I'm going to make a 1/4 inch thick acrylic ring that fits inside the dome. I'll notch out holes for the Holoprojecters, PSI holders and logics. The ring will also be used to center the dome on the body. My wife calls it my never ending project and it sure feels like this is never gonna end. I think its really looking cooler with each upgrade. Some of the dome is getting yucked up with small scratches, smears from where and tear. Its been a fun experiment however.
I have also started to work on the all black styrene dome that will also go on this droid. That project isn't going to last 1 year and should be done in a few weeks. I'll progress photos of that coming soon. When both domes are finished then its time to install the radio control electronics and install the feet.