Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Putting R2-Q5 Together

Although this droid isn't done I'm going to put together what's done on him so far and get ready for this weekends build at Tom's house again. The frame's paint has dried and I've put it together. I like this much better than the standard aluminum finish. Especially for an imperial droid.
I gave this droid my own personal touch by putting on the Imperial Symbol inside and out on the electronics panels. I have parts here and there that have the copper paint on them so the inside frame of R2-Q5 matches the paint scheme the outside skins have.
Its painted in a mild gloss finish. A flat paint is too dull and cheap looking. The actual droid from Return of the Jedi from the 2 official photos appear more of a high semi gloss reflecting the Deathstar on the droid. I still have to finish painting the imperial symbol on the other panel. Thing looks pretty cool.
This photo shows how I painted some copper pin stripes around the lower support rods. If you look closely you'll see I also painted the standoffs that hold the electronic panel on copper also. Nearly everything on this droid is getting some type of custom treatment. Its not like many people will ever be able to see this far inside of this droid when its finished. It just shows the extent I'm going through to make my R2-Q5 as real as possible. No amount of detail is spared if you can't can't see it from 3 feet away. Plus Tiny will point out anything I did wrong:)
Initially I was going to paint this red. But after looking at it I figured silver would flow better with what I'm making so aluminum it is. Using magnets to hold the stencil on worked much better than gravity holding it down on my first attempt.
Skins are mounted and legs are mounted with shims and 1 horseshoe I have finished from the flat pack. Looks good except for the skins. I want to eventually make it look better. The JBweld is unsightly for what I'm shooting for.Thus, I might paint the inside skins black. I dunno know yet. I'll worry about that later.
My dream is coming true right before my very eyes. This droid was born just a few months ago and its really coming along.  I'm going to have to break open my 300 MM dome at the rate I'm going. I have work off all next week and every day will be 6 hours of droid building. Next job is mounting the center vents and side pocket vents next week. Also will finish the other horseshoe and paint it. Then mount the shoulder hubs with magnets.
Horseshoe made of styrene, buttons made by Droidwelder, and resin bar I painted silver and copper. I hope to replace that bar with something aluminum, if some kid touches it the superglue will break. Its not screwed in like the buttons are.
I think a week from now I'll be as far as I can go for the moment on R2-Q5 and will have to either start on the dome, or work on the feet next.

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