Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Cylon Helmet

I haven't done an update in a while but I have been working on various projects so here is an update.

I ordered a Clyon Helmet from Starbuck. Here is what came in the kit.

Kit came with 2 side of the helmet, mouth grill, some black resin parts for the eye area.
This eye scanner I found on ebay from a guy out of Canada. It was around $50 bucks and a rapid solution to get the eye up and running.
So I removed the extra styrene from both haves of the helmets and then used left over styrene to make small tabs as seen in the mohawk. I superglued them in a staggering manner. I also took a pencil and hand drew where I needed to cut out the eye and mouth sections with a razor knife.
So with the eye area cut out that brings me to this. Its about ready to fasten together and if you do this alone it can be a bit tricky at first.
I used rare Earth magnets and a clamp to hold them together while I spot welded it slowly with super glue.
About an hour or so of doing that it left me with this! Now its starting to look like an old school Cylon. The helmet still needs more reenforcement with styrene.

So I put super glued in more tabs to make the helmet more sturdy. It looks a bit ugly inside but that will change.
Next I got a glass jar and poured Weldon 3 in there and cut up scraps of styrene and let that set for an hour and start to melt into goo. Then I used a cheap throw away paint brush and started coating the goo over the entire outside crack and then in the inside also. This stuff smells nasty so don't inhail it if you don't have too. I think Weldon 3 is not legal in California.
Here is a photo of inside the bucket. The plastic tabs are alot smoother now and the inside is reenforced pretty good. I left the helmet out side to cure for several days. PROTIP: Don't over do it with uber layers of the white goo. If you need to apply alot to build up an area do it it layers. If you try too much when its time to sand, you'll notice the white goo gums up and don't sand worth a damn. If you need serious build up then try Bondo instead.
After more sanding I applyed some Glazing Putty (red colored material) to further smooth out the mohawk crack. If you look closely in the old TV series you can clearly see both halves of the helmet and what looks like Scotch Tape holding it together. So one don't need to go this far with removing the crack if you want to look cannon.

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