Wednesday, July 20, 2016

R2-Q5, R5-J2, R4-I9, R3-AZ, R0-H2

This is the start of my next steps with my droids. I'm going to be working on how to get 5 droids out of 1 body.

I have R2-Q5 finished so there is 1 droid done.

So by using the body and replacing the dome with a different type you can make other droids out of this. So now let the droid factory/army begin.
Now with an R5 dome on it will become R5-J5 eventually. I painted this dome black but didn't like the primer so I removed it and found a new black primer I like. This dome came from my friend Randy at

I'm waiting until my 3D printer is fixed to do the binoculars area but in the end it will look like this.
The toys aren't there aren't quite accurate. The only big difference on the body to change from R2-Q5 is to replace the copper utility arm with a black one. Then add some silver or chrome automotive pin stripping tape. The center foot also has a strange device on it and I'll 3D print that also and put in magnets so it comes on and off easily.
This is R3-AZ, a tinted black dome that is close to club specs. This dome is sort of a nightmare to work on a because 1 slip with a file, dremel or tool and you wreck or scratch the dome all to crap. I have recently got this dome to mount to my body by fabricating a lower ring, then JB welded the dome on to this. Then wrapped that area with stryene as seen in white. That will soon get some kind of chrome tape to check out the look, if I don't like the look I'll try black and maybe copper color.
Since you can see inside this dome that allows you to do some cool stuff inside. So I installed the droids brain recently which is a blue tooth wireless speaker that has a ton of LEDs that glow and make interesting patterns controlled by a tablet or phone.
This is R4-I9, the dome is also from
This dome is just cooler than hell. I've tried to make this in styrene but couldn't get it to bend right. This really does the job, it has all sorts of nice details.
The photo is not in perfect focus to show the details of the electronic board greeblies which are on each side of the head. I'd take another photo but the dome is outside now with a coat of black primer, maybe in the next update.

All of the major parts are loose, so you can glue in the box and holoprojector or replace it with something else if you want.
For example this is the a different radar eye and lense I have laying around in piles at my house. I'll install this version in the finished dome. The dome is very light yet strong and since its made out of a resin material if it were to every drop it won't shatter.
The dome also have a lower ring that is not fastened just yet to the dome. Here is a photo of it over my rockler. The outer ring is a bit tight. I'll need to do a pass with my dremel and router a bit out. So there is room to make this work no matter if your droid is wood, fiberglass, plastic or aluminum body.

When this droid is finished it will look like the droid in the center. As you can see the only difference is a few body parts are different color. That is easy to fix with an air brush and masking paint.

Which brings me to the last droid R0-H2. This droid was in the Force Awakens and was seen on the back of Poe's Xwing, remember BB8 was on the Falcon so he needed another droid for a copilot and this was his other droid. As you can see the body is the same as R2-Q5 so its a no brainer I do this one also. The dome will be 3D printed. So I'll be busy for a while working on all of these domes and 3P0 too.

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