Monday, October 11, 2010

Paint Tweaks: Painting and Depainting Again.

Its time to paint and depaint parts again. I find myself doing this alot, I experiment with different paints, versus metals, and brands to see what the result is in this update.

I have theis pair of aluminum utility arms that I want to repaint. Note the plastic jar is nearly the same R2 blue as we are about to strip.

At this point I've went thru 4 cans of primer, 4 cans of satin white paint, 1 was a dud and nearly all my Krider paint system of 1 can each in blue and purple. I noticed once a can starts to spit paint its done, or only good for a first coat. I tend to paint my larger parts (head, legs) its final white paint with a fresh can for the best finish results.

Man its a long job to resand them with sandpaper.Your talking hours, weeks, doing that. Here is my solution to redoing it.

Get a peanut butter jar that's clean and pour Acetone into it. Make sure you don't smoke and don't keep this under your house, garage or burnable around incase crap hits the fan. Outside put you utility arms into about 6 bucks worth of acetone in a jar for about 1 minute.
Here 30 seconds later the paint unwrapped itself like a skin and separated from the part. Fish it out with a piece of wire and toss it in a tub of hot soapy water to neutralize the Acetone. Repeat this over until the paint is gone on each part.
After 1 minute each the parts come out stripped of R2 blue down to the primer. Which is easily sanded off or you can try another round of doing this again.

Paint David Shaw Octoports. I blue tape all the parts I don't want painted and use a Shane Gibson guitar pic to tamper down the tape everywhere, especially in the corners of the area I'll cut with an x-acto knife.
So then you E-xacto knife that blue tape away from where you plan to paint R2 Blue.
I've heard lot about this Krider blue method of purple and blue paint method. Sometimes you see its blue, other times its purple. From my last batch of paint it looks regular dark blue. But if you shine a flashlight on it and turn the part you see purple everywhere. Freaky! You can't see it in this part pictured but at the right angle you see purple. So the method works I confirmed it.

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