Friday, July 29, 2011

Working on 3P0

 Now to the start of making C-3P0!
 The first thing I need to do is to trim off the excess around both sides of the head where the vacuum molding has left over. On the back of the head I'm unclear how much material to remove so far. It looks like I need to trim off about 7/8 of a inch and will ask the 3P0 builders about that.
 The front of the head is more straight forward on what needs to be cut out. But I'll wait a day or two until I'm clear on this. 
I asked the C-3P0 builders how I should proceed and was told to slowly trim away the extra material. So I cut it off and still have a little more to trim or file off later.

Then I cut out the mouth and used a pencil to mark where I need to cut out the eyes. This is a bit nerve racking to do with a razor blade. 1 wrong cut and you will nearly ruin the part.
These are the tools I used to work on the head. A pencil, razar blade, snips and a curved file. So now the eyes are roughly cut out. You'll need to very carefully widen the eye holes until the eye ring thingy just barely fits in with a bit of force. You don't want it sloppy, nor do you want to over cut the eye holes out of whack so its not a perfect circle.

Now both eye rings fit into place and its started to really look cool like the actual droid! Also it don't hurt to put some blue tape around the areas you plan to cut incase you slip or get carried away filing and hit parts of the face on accident.

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