Tuesday, August 2, 2016

R4-I9 dome finished.

I finished up work on my R4 dome.

I haven't installed all the body pieces needed yet. I'll do that when its time to take it out to an event.

I have a few spots on the dome that are shiny and others that have what I think is over spray. I'm not gonna freak out and worry about it go with it.

Closeup of one of the computer bays on the side of the head. I painted things here and there and installed some resistors I have left over from a Teece LED kit.

I used some 1 inch reflective tape around the lower ring and 1/4 tape to create some triangles on the dome. At first I didn't like it much but its starting look cool. This will be a droid the public rarely if ever sees. Everyone has seen R2-D2 if they been to a comic con anymore.
The only thing left I'd like to do with this dome is figure out how to install some type of white or red lights in the holoprojector that I can remotely turn on and off. The club has alot of solutions for that but I'm not sure I want to spend hundreds and looking for something cheap to pull this off.

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