Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mounted C-3P0 head to his skeleton

After reenforcing his head on my last update. I messed around with this robot allot trying to get his neck to work. I made several necks but none of them worked right. They got crunched when I move the head around. So I knew that at some point I gotta chop his head off and separate it from the upper torso and mount the head directly to the upper skeleton I made.
Using a dremel and  a person to hold the torso I carefully cut out his neck so this area is hollow. That should help later when I try to install another neck that is can pass thru this large hole and not crunch.
This is the skeleton I made from looking at the plans, making this up as I go along. There is a 6 inch mini Rockler ring that is bolted just over the battery box. That allows for the upper part of the body to rotate from side to side.
The square pole serves as a spine and a area to mount my electronic plate on it. This has hinges on the front and back of the square pole. I painted in a blue line, that will be a linear actuator that will allow the droid to tint forward and back. So 3P0 will bend over and be able to turn some in the torso area.
So I worked today on this to bolt the neck to the top of the pole. Then the head will rest on this neck area.
It's hotter than heck outside in Phoenix but I managed to get done what I set out too. The head is not separated from the torso and mounted onto the skeleton. The next move to make is to figure out exact how far up the torso needs to get in relationship from the head. Then mount the torso to the skeleton also. After that I can mount the aluminum electronics plate and start installing the JEDI Control system.

I plan to use 2 transmitters for this droid. The JEDI will control sounds of 3P0 talking and either control the head or it will control the arms. Then another transmitter will control the rest of his functions, again I'll need to look at the plans and make this up as I go along.

I have a pair of shorts for him on order from Cal and I'm going to order the arms and hands on Monday. Then it' atleast an 11 month wait for the arms to arrive but I have plenty to do on the rest of him until then.

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