Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back Door Construction Done

Finally after what seems like and what was months messing around with the back door its done! It took so long because of several things. Waiting on JB weld to dry. Breaking alot of 4-40 taps. Screwing up things and redoing them over a couple of times, countless times redoing coin returns and so on.
I ended up with a few spots that had a lake of super glue in those creases. Thus removing them via a file scratched the paint.I plan to repaint the skins where needed right before Droidcon and Comicon. I think on my second droid I'll build the entire thing and then paint it black after I have all the parts or built all the parts needed. So for the time being its sporting the 'weathered look'.

My next step is figuring out how to attach this door to the droid. I'm going to experiment with velcro and maybe magnets later this weekend.

Life form Scanner. One of our awesome R2 builders did a run of life form scanners so I bought one for R2-D2 and one for R5-D4. It just arrived today!:)
Here are both of them. When its all put together it should look like this.
One of my main questions I had is will this even fit into R5's head? Because the panels on the dome are smaller than the panels on an R2 head. 
The answer is yes it will fit into an R5 head just barely if you turn it sideways when it stores inside the dome.
Here I have the screen taped to my antenna to get some idea of height it should be when I figure out how this is gonna work. 

I think next I need to order a used power radio antenna off ebay. Then mount my JAG dome plate into the R5 head. Then I need to somehow mount it on the dome plate with L channel. 

I'm split on if I should use my 15 channel RF remote to open the 8 panels on R5 and activate gadgets. Or if I should program the JEDI system to do that with JAWASCRIPT. Or another possibility is using that prescripted micro controller boards that you connect to your computer and program it with code to run or trigger a routine. Hmmm. What's the cheapest?

I only have 7 hinges left and that's all I need for this R5's dome because 1 is used on the periscope. So I'm tempted to rip the head back up and start hinging panels. But I only have 3 months until Droid con and Comicon. I dunno if I'll have it done in time. Plus I need to complete my feet and start work on the next droid. I can't do everything. So I think I'll leave the R5 head intact under after those events and then put all the gear inside that I can.

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