Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Putting Wheels in Center Foot

I ordered some 3M Dual Lock tape and taking off that velcro on the rear skins to see how I can make them suck to the frame better.

Until then I continued to work on the center foot.
I ended up going with (for now) 2.5 inch caster wheels. These wheels were the best I could find after going to Ace Hardware, Lowes and Home Depot. At this point in my build I can't afford to just order random wheels online and see if that works. This will get me by until I get the droid on 3 feet and see what needs upgrading.
With these 2.5 inch casters there is still barely any room but the wheel clear after grinding away some AL. I got a bad feeling about this tho. It seems like sure, this could drive around on smooth surfaces like tile floors. I can't see these small wheels ever clearing elevator doors, going on asphalt and sidewalks without a face plant. That's scary looking to me.^^^
 Here on my first foot build I'm sitting at 5/8 of an inch off the tile. Is that what its supposed to be? I have no idea. I'd like to put 3 inch casters in this foot but how? It ran out of room in 2.5 inch casters. Hmm much thinking this will take.

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