Sunday, January 23, 2011

Test Fitting Back Door and Center Foot

Today I was doing some test fitting of the back door. I'm not sure how to mount this yet. Magnets or velcro or something else? So far the fit is tight and loose. The gap on the left skin skins is too large. The skins need to suck up more to the frame. I even have velcro on that section and its not good enuff. Huge gap anyway. That is something I'll need to fix. I think I'm going with velcro to attach this back door.
Here the door is held in place by nothing yet. The gap on the lower left is something I have to fix somehow. Over all I'm happy to even be this far in my droid project. 
Its time to get back to work on the feet. The feet are now my main project that the skins are 90% done. Except for the center vents and putting velcro or what have you mounting the back door. I'm moving on to the feet. Here is squeaks sniffing all the work. A JAG center ankle with a budget aluminum foot I got from another builder.
So far a test fit of the center ankle to center foot is working fine. I'm going to blog how my center foot is put together in upcoming updates. Here I have test fitted that inner piece of aluminum to the outer foot shell. I have found out in order to be able to get your fingers in to reach the center ankle pilot bolt. You'll need to dremel down some sections for your fingers to fit.
The blue tape is gone and now this inner plate is JB welded on. Before I did that I cut out a few MM of the top part if you look closely in the photo you can see it. It has a smaller back section then the rest of the plate does. This is to allow your fingers to get in there and screw in the bolt for the center ankle. I hope! I dunno what the hell I'm doing I never done this before and basing what I'm doing by other peoples pics.
This is the bottom part of the foot where I JB welded those inner plates or whatever they're called. I'll do another test footing with all the parts after this drys and figure out what to do next.

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