Sunday, May 15, 2011

Electronics Update - Voltage Feedback

Now that my R5 is done its time to go back and optimize things that I've figured how to make the droid more efficient, such as my voltage meter. The way I have it configured now its hooked up to Dan's power distribution board. So when I turn the droid on the voltage is also turned on. After having the droid for a while its clear there is no need to have this running all the time when the droid is turned on. Ya, its looks cool when the back door is off, but it eats electricity so I'll try to save some of that. I decided to hook that voltage meter directly to the battery. 

I'll need to install a on/off switch so its only on when I want it to be. To install the switch I'll have to find some very limited room and becareful not to wreck any finished paints, or drill through any electronics.

So I very carefully drilled a series of small holes in the area where I'm going to install the switch. Then I slowly filed the area down a little bit at a time until the switch fits in tightly.
Here it is all wired up. These are pretty easy to wire up, even for a notice like me.
The new switch is installed and everything powered off.
Now in the on position. This should save me a little bit of battery power by not having it hooked up all the time. Plus its actually reading directly from the battery getting the real battery condition, not a regulated voltage.

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  1. Nice work!! Something else I've have to remember to do :-)