Monday, May 23, 2011

Working on R2-AZ' s Brains!

Today I finished up what I could on my custom R2-AZ droid and put in brand new batteries and wired up his brains. This is just temporary until I get a few more parts to finish him.
Its not too often you see a JAG plate painted black!

I really didn't have much time to put this together. Too many other things came first. Anyway, I'm working on his brains. Basically what I did is add 2 of Dan's power distribution boards so the LEDs are added. Then I hacked 3 UV blacklights and wired them up to the power board. That's pretty much it. I'll add more stuff like EL wire later and LED lights and probably ditch the black lights.

 After testing it its clear this system is a failure. 1 of the 3 UV lights isn't coming on, crap. No wait! The back story is that sector of the brain worked fine until it got in a crossfire during the Clone Wars and was hit and burnt out by a blaster. Ya, that's the ticket!

I doubt I can fix that light because I super glued it shut, probably break it opening it to debug would totally wreck it. Oh well. You can't really see the lights very well. When I put the tinted dome on that cancels out what little light these blacklights put out anyway. Nice try I guess.
Now he's ready for Phoenix Comicon 2011. I'd say not bad considering I stated this droid just over 3 months ago. This droid will be something fun to keep upgrading through out the year. I'll probably add a gyroscope and put it in the center to of the brain. What do readers suggest I put in that dome?

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