Monday, May 30, 2011

Phoenix Comicon Day 3 (Saturday)

 Yesterday she was working for the Empire and today she's loading the Death Star plans into R2?

 I asked Andy to give me one of his best looks!
 Kids just love the droids and some of them love them too much.
 Rob showed up with his custom droid he built from scratch. It does the 2-3-2 and has a projector that can show you the Death Star plans. Very impressive to say the least.
 Xenos' Whistler droid is coming along fine considering she recently just joined the builders club.

 Some people made really awesome costumes, others just worn cardboard.

 On Saturday we had 4 finished droids, 1 about 50% done and 5 others in the process of being built.

 This frozen Han Solo must have been photographed well over 1,000 times. On Sunday some woman stepped on Han's feet trying to get high enuff for his hands to grab her breasts. While funny she don't know what its made out of. She could of broken off his feet. Some people don't show any respect to other peoples' props.
 Time for a decent shot of R5 without cats in the background.
 I was thrilled to have Lord Vader stop over and make sure his droid was functioning well.
 I got a look into Rob's R4-G9 droid.

This photo is of his slide out electronics panel. Not too many R2 builders have something like this. It looks very clean.

I took R5-D4 for a drive around part of the con for people who don't know we have a bunch of droids in the back section. The con was HUGE! There was miles and miles of things to walk around and look it. Its pretty hard to see everything there.
We also did a panel at 6:00 on how to build droids.

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