Wednesday, December 22, 2010

300 MM Dome Arrives in time for Christmas

The 300 MM Dome arrives right in time for Christmas. Now my droid isn't just stuck as R5-D4. I can also one day have R2-D2 whenever I get this dome finished. I have some many parts in work. The rear skins are drying in what I hope is its final paint. When I'm waiting on paint to dry I relax and play guitar and retain what I'm learning from it. 

Once back on the droid, I'll mount the rear skins and focus on finishing how I'm going to do my rear door. After the rear and front skins are done I'll start messing around on this R2-D2 dome. Oh, ya in 3 weeks I'll be ordering another R2 dome in plastic so I'll have 2 dome builds nearly going at once! Plus I plan to cook up a plan to put that R4 head together in the next 60 days. I also have another frame coming in next month and will be building this Comm8A frame doing with a Comm8B droid for R2-Q5 in a short 4 month build. Crazy, yup~

The dome comes double boxed in double sided re-enforced cardboard. It also has holes predrilled for the rocker bearing ring along with the hardware to fasten it.

I was able to take the inner dome and HDPE ring right out of the box and take off my R5 head. It sat perfectly on top of my droid on the first time. How about that for excellent standards in an open source group of builders!!!

2010 has been one crazy year for me. I got the Star Wars bug again but this time solely on droids and spent most of my year collecting parts for a while. Then when I got a bunch of them my build started and split into multiple droids and robots and I think I'll be working on some type of robot for rest of my life now. There is always something fun to create.

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