Monday, December 27, 2010

Periscope Lifter Arrives

I got me some new parts for the R2-D2 head. Thank's to Wayne Astromechs main dude, he deciding to part with this Periscope Lifter. Some parts are simply cooler than others. This actually 'does something'! It will lift up a periscope up or down or you could use it in other robots for something. One question all your friends ask you is: How much did that cost? Followed by: What does it do?

These kind of custom made parts in limited runs make your droid come alive from the default static mode you start out with. Now if I only had a periscope to mount on this. Another reason I've been wanting this part was to study it. I want to copy its functionality to make a carousel of 3 of these in 1 larger device. The idea is to have it behind both large doors on the body and be able to spin around so 1 of 3 different types of arms can extend out, then move up and down then retract. Close the front doors, hit a button to rotate the carousel, door opens again and then a new type of arm comes out and does stuff. That would blow my mind! Its something I'd hope to see if Steve Jobs joined the R2 builders and put some type of money thing going into this crazy droid project.

I probably won't be working on this R2 dome until the summer or fall. I collected lots of parts but need much more until I can put it all together. I have the 300 MM dome, dome base plate, front and rear logic parts from David Shaw. I need the radar eye and HPs as this is an aluminum build. It might be another year or so until I run into that.

For some odd reason I got back into collecting action figures again. I seem to do this in spurts here and there over the years. I have a decent astromech collection of around 43 of them and starting to collect various protocol droids.

I think I have another 200 figures in the closet in packages that were never opened.
You can't ever have enough storm troopers or droids.

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