Friday, December 3, 2010

Skin Update and JEDI Custom Codes

I finally got off my butt and installed the aluminum power coupler. I've had this piece for a while. I was hoping to get a David Shaw bolt on piece. However I didn't want to wait what could be 1 - 2 years for a run so I went forward with what I could find. 
This is an old school one. I don't know who built it. Here is some of the parts painted Krider blue. I put a small curve into the main circle with my sander and a file.
I blue taped the white painted parts around this area. Then clamped in the round part and tweaked it until I like its final resting place. Then I put a bead of super glue around it on the back side. Then a healthy fingers worth of JB weld over that about 1 hour later. I let the skin sit for 24 hours until the JB weld dries almost completely. I'm happy with it.

I found out its going to be a few months until I can get the aluminum center vents so I decided to just mount my resin versions for a while and finish up the front skins. Soon I"ll put these aside for a few months or just mount them on the Comm8A frame. I plan to start hooking up servos to open the doors. But I have many more jobs infront of me that I'll probably get side tracked with.

I have the rear door to get back to and finish that up just like I did the front skins. That will keep me busy for atleast a month. By then the frame for the 2nd droid will be here and I can paint it black and start my 2nd build.

This just arrived today so now I'm up to 3 complete sets of aluminum skins.

Introducing droids skin #2 and #3. The nearly finished skin above is #1. This skin will serve as R2-D2 and R5-D4 and be servoed and pimped to the max. Droid #2 will be a black imperial droid that will be mounted to a CommB frame. The #3 skin will be painted red. If I use the skin snaps right all three skins will be interchangeable on both of my frames.

The other thing I got done today is messing around with programming my JEDI control system to understand more how it works. Today's lesson was writing my own custom JEDI strokes. If you have the JEDI installed and want to follow along try the following. 

///Near the bottom of your startup.txt file add this.
'Setup User defined J.E.D.I. stroke commands here

SET JEDI 1, 32  "music.txt"        'Assign JEDI stroke "32" on button 2 to play music box

'Play a startup sound to tell that this startup JawaScript file is finished
SET MP3 1 VOL 85
PLAY 1, "startsnd.mp3"

///Next create a text file called music.txt and put in your thumbdrive. Add the following code.

'music box
'Play a sound alerting people of effect
PLAY 1, "SONG1.MP3"        ‘Play the first mp3, name it explicitly here

///last step is put a song on the thumbdrive and make sure its named song1.mp3

You should be done now. Boot up your droid and do JEDI stroke of 32 and that should say song1 is playing. This is the start of using your droid to play other than Star Wars things and make it a multimedia player too. My next code lesson will be adding more songs or doing it randomly from a ton of them.

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