Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rear Skin Done

I did my first test mount of my rear skin. I fixed the wrecked paint from the clamps. I ran into some issues about Rustoleum changing what I was using in the middle of this. I Ended up painting this part 4 times to try to get all the parts to match. See I painted all the rear skins months ago. Including the back door which is about to be assembled next.
Almost there! I still need to add velcro on the lower skins to attach to the side beams so it fits tighter.

So the plan for tomorrow is to take the rear door off the hinges. Remove the hinges and start test fitting the door and figure out how I'm going to just use velcro to hold it on. Plus I don't like exactly how the skin holds onto the door frame. There are spots that should be tighter so I'll probably retap a few areas.

Also I made sure I didn't put too much super glue on the two large rear doors. I'll probably end up with some more hinges someday and get bored and say. Hey lets hinge those rear doors a few dozen blog posts from now.

Electronics on the droid have been offline for about a month until I get proper fuses for the rig runner. The default fuses are too high and I'm ordered a bunch of 3-5 amps fuses to protect my gear from blowing up.

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