Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wrecked My Paint

I took all the clamps off and found I wrecked my paint. This time the little black clamps dug into the paint. They didn't do this to the front skin. Oh well I had planned to JB weld the crap out of this and repaint it anyway. Minor setback.
The VHB tape only works well enough to do basic skin bonding. You'll run into parts like this that need to be glued together.
 So I superglue it and then clamp for 20 minutes and move section to section until its all locked together.
This is what it looks like 15 minutes later after superglue. I so far used 3 bottles of this stuff on my droid so far.

Spot gluing various sections that need it. Then moving on to putting some JB weld on the some of the seems.

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