Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frame Assembly Comm8B

On the right is the new Comm8B budget frame. Its half the price and lighter in weight compared to the frame on the left. I sanded the new frame on the right with 150 grit and washed most of the main pieces to get the oil off. Then put it together in about an hour. I like it, it will make a nice main frame for my imperial droid build.
Since my new droid will be black I get to cheat some making it. The details of the black parts wont' be easy to see unless your really close up. So I can get away with resin parts painted black to lower the costs. The aluminum on this droid will be the frame, legs, ankles and feet. The rest if it will be made from resin and styrene parts to keep the costs down and the weight down.
This droid won't have a back door. The electronic panels are already on the side. This droid will drive around and do head rotation and not much else planned or budgeted right now.

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