Sunday, February 20, 2011

Horseshoes and Servos

Today its raining outside so I'll try to do what I can inside. Pictured here are 2 aluminum horseshoes along with a set of Styrene flat packs. Right now I'm compared the styrene versus the aluminum and making sure I put them together right.
The aluminum is on the left and flatpacks on the right.

The the flat packs need to be glued together. So I'm trying this Gorilla glue Tom suggested to me.
The glue is stinking up the house. I hope it drys fast. I didn't glue on the final top layer because it has no holes it that piece. I'm using nails to align all the packs together.
Tiny P made me a nice periscope lifter. Its custom made to fit in my R5 head. This one has about 14 inchs of travel and the periscope will stick out much higher than the ones in R2 do.
This is what $51 bucks gets you from Servocity. 2 standard servos some 12 inch 4-40 rod and aluminum arm upgrades and some servo linkage and extension wires.. I was planning on trying to open the large doors on my R5 and play with the JEDI control system.But I have some bugs that are giving me a headache. I plug in the servos and they work out of the box. Then I add the extension wire and nothing happens. So I take off the extension wire and the servos no longer function but the dome motor still works.

So I hook up the servos to the dome on channel four they work again, add extension and fails. Then try to just connect the dome motor again and it don't work any longer. I leave and come back in 1 hour and it works again. Until I plugin too many servos or extension wires. This sucks, damn bugs. I'm guessing I have a grounding problem. 

At this point I'm going to take the entire JEDI out of the droid on Monday and redo everything in the kitchen 1 step at a time.
For perspective I mounted a standard servo on the lower large left door. For now I'm temp mounting it with velcro.
 Here is the linkage I'm using to keep the Jag hinge attached to the servo. Its just a very tiny piece of 4-40 rod with 2 female servo connectors. Then a 4-40 nut 5/8 long with a nylon washer. I have no idea if this will actually fit once I put it inside the droid and attach breadpans. But I'll make it work. So far so good. I remember months ago I couldn't wait until I got to mess with servos. Now I reached that milestone.

Now the door is open. You'll need to tweek the arm and linkage until you have proper close and open just right. It won't work 100% on the first try.It works on the skin but will it fit inside is the main issue. The servo is kinda of big but powerful.

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