Monday, February 14, 2011

Q5 Skin Work Continues

I placed the 2 skins together and with a felt pen I marked out the line I need to cut out on the inner skins for my Power Coupler to fit in. With my other droid I didn't have to do this.
 After I cut out the hole I drilled holes in the skin and in the Power Couple to fit together. That ended up in FAIL. The brittle PC crumbles after any type of pressure is applied to it. Sad because this was my strongest and thickest masterial. I better plan to dump all of these parts and move on to another type of material.
Today I put the 3M double sided transparent VHB tape on the skins. About an hour later I clamped the front inner/outer skins together. Previously I waited 24 hours hoping the tape would stick better to the skin. I found no difference between waiting 1 day or 1 hour when peeling off the backing.
Now the two skins are mated for good in an unnatural holy matrimony for the dark side. I'll let that tape kind of melt/bond all day in the Sun. When I get home I'll take off the the clamps and anywhere the tape don't bond totally and makes a pop sound when you squeeze the skins together. Will get spot super glued and clamped for 15 minutes. I only have 5 big clamps that can do that without wrecking my paint so the process to bond them will take hours. I'll probably wreck the paint and need to fix it up after all the detail pieces are done.

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