Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Q5 Shoulder Bars

Here are the painted shoulder bars for R2-Q5. My luck with Don's parts are not good. So far I managed to drop every single one of them, breaking half of them. I dropped one of these bars and broke it in two:(
So then I superglued it back together and it held up for the silver then copper paint job.
The skins are flying together. I have VHB tape on the rear back door now. The roll of tape lasted for two complete droids skins with showing a few feet leftover. I wrecked the paint on the front skins. This is due to super glue getting on the clamps and peeling off tiny sections here and there. Its not very bad though, not as bad at what happened to R5. So the front skins have all the door panels on, minus coin return, power couple, side door and octoport. I just painted it and I have to say it looks really cool. My wife said she likes it more them R5-D4 now. 

The rear skins I just mated the inner and out skins. Fellow builder Tom is hosting a build day on Saturday. So I'll be attaching the skins to the frame @ Tom's house. I can't wait to get photos of this, its really bad ass.

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