Monday, February 21, 2011

Servo, Horseshoe and JEDI work today

I guess last nights servo mount won't work. I installed the side pocket and it barely cleared. However the frame won't allow this to be attached like in the photo. See below.
In order to get the skin to fit I had to move the servo. On a test fit here it will be mounted on the frame around where it is to clear the breadpans. I also did a test fit with the breakpans. With some filing in new areas the servo linkage will fit thru.
So I tried to hook this up to the JEDI control today and figure out whats wrong with it and servos. Today I couldn't get any servos to work. Not only that, now the channels 1-4 are dead. Meaning no driving or turning the head. So I took the JEDI out of R5 and put all the parts on a table. I used a new power distribution board that's not in the droid to power up the JEDI control.

Sadly the same result. No power is being sent through the servos.I can control sounds for R2, but no servos. The servos do twitch on power up. I'll have to contact Scott. I wish these servos arrived on Friday and not Saturday I would have brought them to the build last week and showed Scott what I'm doing and hows its all wired.

Horseshoe update: 

So far that Gorilla glue didn't dry after 24 hours. I dunno if I needed to mix it up more or what. After this glue drys I"ll have to sand the overflow off.
 Anyway I decided to superglue the other set together. It went together okay and now I'm tweeking some areas with glazing putty so its nice in smooth. As some layers aren't all matched up. This should be ready in a couple of days to paint black and install the button and bars.

Other stuff I got done today. I drilled out my top utility arm. I had problems with that on as blogged on here. It was crooked, so I filled the middle with non other than JB weld. I'll let that dry and shrink and redo that until it was ready to sand flush. Then I redrilled the hole installed and it works like a charm now. Nice and straight and clears the skins. So I painted it red with a fresh coat of paint. I'll install those arms later this week.

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