Monday, February 7, 2011

Skins and Side Plates

One of the first R2 parts I got my hands on were these styrene skins. I wasn't sure back then if I'd ever get my hands on some aluminum skins. Today I have three sets of aluminum skins plus the styrene seen below. I wanted to make R2-Q5 out of the AL skins but a couple of weeks ago decided I should use the styrene and paint it black. That will save money and weight. So far after cutting the rear skins and trying to paint them black I'm having no luck. The paint on the skins cracked really bad when I primerd it. Then I sanded it really good and painted it black and had to back off. It was cracking left and right.
I cut out all the areas I wanted to high light on both layers of skins. I'm not going end all be all here. I couldn't get this all painted completely black as it cracked. I'm wondering if thats due to the temperature (70) or the paint. I haven't used this paint very much and not sure how it reacts based on tip.
So this is what the back would look like without the details and complete paint. It looks like crap and its brand new. Bummer!

Here is what it should look like when done and on the Deathstar.

For a droid that will cost north of $3k I want it to look better and more accurate. So the good news is in I have my aluminum sets brand new in the box. However I'm not really in the mood to go back to work on the skins. I've been doing that on his blog for months now! I want to keep building but on to something else. I have some parts coming this week from Oscar that will cheer up my mojo to keep going. I was hoping this styrene skins would go together fast and have something of a R2-Q5 to take to droidcon.
I made these side panels over the weekend. The white bracket is on R5 and the copper bracket is on Q5. Funny one of the last parts I made for R5 is the first I made for Q5. I made these parts for only a few bucks.
To hold the sheetmetal on cut a L channel to screw onto the frame. Then glue it the sheetmetal on it. I drilled holes thru the L channel to lighten it and make extra holes to apply glue to adhere to the sheetmetal.

Now that I think about it. As of now I have no plans to open panels on Q5 so I could fly thru the AL skins much faster then this end all be all R5 droid with hinges, and servos. Naw. I'll do that later, maybe this weekend? Plan to take 1 week of vacation to Q5 this droid? Time will tell on this robot blog that's for sure. One day I'll read how I got bored and opened all the panels on Q5 here.

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