Friday, February 18, 2011

Q5 Skin Work Complete!

The paint is dry and all the panels are glued on. I think its looking bad ass. This is day 8 after I took a set of virgin skins and separated them, cleaned them up, painted, taped, glued and JB welded them back together again.
So far so good. This project is coming along much faster than my R5 build. Next project is to add in the coin return, octoport and pocket vent. Tomorrow I'll fasten the front and rear skin onto the frame.
Here is another project I've been working on, these resin or whatever its made out of side pistons. They're made out of the same brittle material I found on ebay. But this is sort of think enuff to be safe to use. Plus I'm gonna paint it black so that will hide some detail or lack there of.
The center piece has a spine of left over material where it the excess comes out of the mold. The rear piece I like a crazy man who should know better than trying this in brittle material, filed it down smooth. Then I put glazing putty over it. Kind of dumb thing to do:

1. Because I'm paint it black.
2. You'll never see it because I'm going to display the other side and this will be hidden from view. If I screwed up it would have shatter part of it and I'm be kicking myself in the butt for doing this.
Now its all painted and finished up and just about ready to install it. I'll put this away and get to work on the next section. With a black droid I get to cheat some and build this much faster than a typical R2-D2 all aluminum build.
Last update tonight. I received these styrene horseshoes from Thomas.These need to be glued together, and sanded and what have you. These will be painted black also, so no need for uber expensive aluminum ones.I have the buttons and bars ready to go on this part. Its cool to watch a droid come together no matter what kind of droid it is.

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