Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dome Rotation

So how do these domes rotate around in an astromech?

Here's how it works in my droid.

First you'll need this lazy susan ring. This will mount to your frame of what ever choice of frame you make your droid.

To rotate the domes. I'm using a Pittman Motor and Comm8 Pitman Motor mounting brackets seen in anodized red. However take note of the drive shaft of the motor. It's cut on 1 end as flat. I didn't know at the time of mounting this isn't ready for final install.

 I made the other side flat by slowly putting it against a disc sander. It will heat up fast so slowly grind away until both sides are even.

 Here is what you want. Two sides that are flat so the you can mount the circular dome turner thingy onto this.

Now the wheel is installed properly, I think. Unless I have it upside down!

To attach the spring install a bolt that's 1.5 inches long so you can attach the very tigh spring to it. This holds the motor bracket again the lazy susan.

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