Saturday, September 4, 2010

R5 Project - Update 2

So here is the front of the R5 face drilled out for greeblies. I've had all these SW helmets for years before I ever started building droids.

I also recently got my hands on some AL skins and started messing around with them. These are parts that are laser cut are one of the coolest things I've seen.

 By now I've gotten a drill press, disc sander and band saw to cut any AL I need to tap and drill. I need all this stuff so I can not just fabricate parts out of stock material when I need it. I ordered several feet of aluminum to cut out the coffins.

Final assembly. Painted with primer all the holes cut out and sanded with the top plate screwed together and ready for the final deal.

I drilled and tapped holes for each of the 3 coffins that hold the COMM8 pistons. That took a while but the end result was worth it.


The sub head plate is installed with nylon washers. Then I bondoed over the screws on the head and the side coffins. You'll sand this down after it drys and it hides the screws.

This is a view inside the head. Shows the nylon lock washers holding the inner plate up. Then the 3 coffins I made that I that support the side pistons.

Here is 1 more photo

Here is one more shot if you want to go this route with your JAG head.

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