Sunday, September 19, 2010

General Droid Update

I had my droid ripped apart and broken down into basic pieces while I'm constantly painting some piece outside.

Here is a dry run of the new JAG Skirt.

The latest 2010 JAG skirt.

Note:  The four bottom screws are built into the frame as small bolts. You don't have screw heads. Just putty over then sand primer and paint.
 Here is another photo to showcase how awesome JAG makes these parts. The bolts are nearly apart of the frame mounting system of the skirt.
Just mount your four skirt stumps on this and its ready for the frame mounting.
Stop the train! The skirt wont' mount to the Comm8 frame. The 4 stumps were about 1/2 inch too short! So to temp mount this I added 6 1/4 inch washers to each stump. Then took some 1/4 male thread stock and added around a 1/2 inch beyond what the Comm8 post stud was to mount. 

I did a temp mount of outer painted white skins with non painted inner LA skins. I have 5 hinges on the skins done.. I'm juggling so many projects at once now. Its time to stop and take a few photos and then get back to work. I'm not sure where to go next. I know I need to fix those 2nd layer painted panels for the hinged doors onto the skins but unsure exactly the best way to do that yet.
Now I have 5 front doors hinged. But how do I hook up servos?
This will be painted and researched next.

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  1. You're a mad genius, RED. Keep up the hard work. Nice Droid.