Friday, April 22, 2011

AL CPU Arm = Awesomeness!

I wish I could say I made this part. Its so beautiful. I don't have the know how or the shop to make something so complex like this. All aluminum and made by James V. I think he made a few of these over the past 5 months or longer and I'm a proud owner of it this one pictured above. I didn't plan on having this for Phoenix Comicon so I'll try to figure out how to install this and the gripper into a static position.
The detail level is spectacular! Its just like the David Shaw CPU arm but lighter I'm told. I have a very detailed photo of this as my wallpaper. I'll try to paint this exactly like you see in a New Hope.
Here is a test fit.Its supposed to mounted at the top most believe but I don't have time to do that in 3 weeks. So I might be able to install the CPU arm and the gripper into the bottom breadpans and open the doors to show them. This freaking droid is getting cooler and cooler everyday. I still can't believe I own this robot, let alone spent nearly everyday for the past year assembling it, making parts, studying astromechs and making new friends. Its been a crazy expensive ride that I'll never regret.

None of these photos do this robot justice it appears much, much smaller in the photos than in real life. When you personally seen a droid for the first time. You stop and go Woah! That thing is huge! I'm not driving the droid everyday practicing steering and control.
I'm also working a lot on my skins. I'm JB welding the gap and closing that down to nothing. I'm also repainting the back door again and fixing some screw ups. So its down to just painting a few parts here and there to get the droid ready for the event next month. That will be this droids major public showing. 

The inner and outer rear skins and now glued back together. I sanded down all the paint and excess superglue and will JB weld on the rear panels next.
I'm also back to working on R2-Q5 now that R5 is winding down. I have most of 1 leg assembled and painted. Not pictured is the body which I'm JB welding the skin gaps over the next few days and getting that ready for these legs to attach to.

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  1. Whose making those? Drop me an email if you curious the price too. I'm using a resin version with a mini-linear actuator.