Saturday, April 16, 2011

Assemblying Feet

Now that I have some of my last parts painted its time to try and put them together without scratching the paint. First I need to learn which order it goes together because the battery box is very tight.
Then I installed the JAG foot drive in just one foot. I want to accomplish complete  foot before I do the next one. I've basically done this before but today we're putting all the parts together, which I haven't done until now.
I mount the NP motor bracket centered like this. That gave me the most traction last time I tested the droid out. The other right foot which had less traction was mounted with the brackect  all the way down.
So I mounted my battery box straps by tapping them in a few updates back and making holes in the battery box to hold them. I also attached the NP motor and need to attach the hoses to the feet now.
Well I learned to do that I had to remove the NP motor and the main wheel, or atleast that made it easier to do this.
I cut end of the hoses off so that don't even come close to the drive wheel. I cut about 3/8 off using one of my saws.
I have one set of battery box straps painted from last week on the right. Then I get even better two piece set with removable piece to paint blue 3 days later. That's how it seems go to working on droids.
Now I finally made it work with one foot. I have learned you must put the battery box over the NP motor before you attach the ankle, or it wont' work. I've learned from trial and error now putting one together that I can start on the other foot and put it together faster.
After I test out these feet and the drive trains are calibrated right I'll mount the side plate and finish out the feet.
The other foot is half way done and should be finished on Sunday so I can mount the droid on 3 feet.

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