Saturday, April 9, 2011

R5-D4 First Steps!

Yesterday R5 took his first steps. I have it temp wired up and testing out the steering, belts and tweeking it as I go. There is lots of fun ahead.

Here's a couple of videos I shot.


Today the ankle cylinders arrived in the mail. Pictured here is enough parts for two droids. A major paint day is going down on Sunday to paint them all.
Today I tapped holes into my battery box straps so I can mount them onto the battery boxes.
Its time to have another major paint day. Its raining outside today so I think on Sunday I can paint a number of parts and next weekend assemble the droid and see where we're at. I now am finished collecting or making parts on R5. I have everything I need to finish him for the upcoming Comicon.

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