Wednesday, April 27, 2011

R2-AZ Dome Arrives

Today I got my tinted dome in the mail I'm experimenting for a droid I call R2-AZ. Its an 18 inch dome that's a couple of inches shorter than a 300 MM dome.

So its time for a test fit.
I have 3 blacklights inside it so I can later paint or light up some of them for the 'brains' or PSI lights.

Most people who do a clear dome have the clear part where you see the white above. The opposite way which I have seen yet is above. Where your panels are clear so you can see inside but the main dome area is painted some color. Hmm. I never thought of this method before. If I had another outer styrene dome I could cut the inner tinted dome in half and make the height perfect.

My black droid will have several different domes that I can swap out to make the droid change day to day.
So far I like what I see. I like the idea of transparent panels since it seems nobody's done it yet.The entire time I wanted to do the white section as transparent and paint the panels some color that the blacklight enhances. But this seems pretty cool now that I look at it.
 I would probably paint this white section black. But before I did, I'd photoshop it black to get an idea of what that would look like before I do it.
 I might need to wait until the next styrene run to finish this dome but its looking cool from the get go.

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