Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Center Vent, Battery Boxes and Hoses

Today I finished my upper center vent. I did what Tiny P suggested as always. I super glued and then JB welded the vents into place. Then filed them carefully and slowly with a hand file until the tightly fit into place. 
While I was cutting out my other battery box the welds that hold it together cracked. I didn't have a choice and had to cut out of the side that was welded. Check which side is welded before you cut yours. I suggest using a dremel with an easy lock cutting bit. I messed up and used a jigsaw and it vibrated it apart as you can see. So I'll have to now fix this weld with some steel plates.
Next I need to either grind the hell out of these nuts to fit inside the battery box or tape the or do both.
I'll first try to tap it. If that don't work I'll grind down my nuts.
Tom is working on a wiring diagram for this 15 channel RF remote. This is good for things like turning on and off LED lights. I don't see how you can hook this up to run servos.
I whipped up the formula from Valcheck which ages your braided hoses from a nice shiny copper to a more darker look that's more accurate.

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