Monday, March 28, 2011

R2-Q5 Dome Haz Arrived!

The styrene dome for R2-Q5 has arrived by UPS. A few panels shook lose but its in good condition. Tomorrow I'll olanto take the dome panels and remove them. This dome will be painted black and some parts copper. I'm really looking forward to doing this. I have something like 6 weeks before Phoenix Comicon 2011 to get BOTH droids ready. R2-D5 is nearly done, aside from finishing the ankles and feet. Hopefully I'll be able to drive R5 around, if not then oh well there's always next year!

By the 2012 Phoenix Comicon we should have 6-8 finished droids in the Phoenix region.
The bottom part of the dome fits good. The top don't fit at all. I'll need to cut the inner dome in half so each side fits as tightly as possible. So far in my droid adventures I haven't done much work on the domes and soon I'll be doing atleast 3 domes almost one after another.
The feet and battery box are in hurry up and wait mode. The 2 layers of JB weld and sand are going on. Then I'll use glazing puddy and sand that more. Sometime this weekend the ankles feet and battery boxes should be ready for paint. Then R5 should be on 3 feet for a while.

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