Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Foot Shells and bars

Today I worked on screwing together my foot shells. They're made out of aluminum and quite light weight. I had to make all my own holes. I could of done this a while ago but I wanted to wait until I had some ankles to test it out. One ankle didn't fit so I pulled the U channel a bit wider. All the sudden it nearly split in 2 pieces and definately weakened the weld nearly tearing it apart. I nearly had a heart attack as that would nearly stop my droid from driving for another 8 months.

 Next up I need to either mount the JAG foot drives to the U channel or cut out where the NP motors go.
I also received some new parts to replace the broken Don Jar parts. The bars are 1 piece of solid aluminum. I'll mask tape it and prime it, then paint it black and then copper. The copper paints in only 2 coats if you first lay down a black layer. Otherwise it takes 4 coats of paint and forever to dry.

My new 1.5 inch rare Earth magnets arrived! I certainly miscalculated here. These are way, way to strong and over kill in power. I had no idea they'd be this thick and strong. They are so strong I have yet to pull them apart. No way this will work on my droid. It would rip the power coupler right off since its only JB welded on. They'd probably rip a David Shaw screwed in power coupler right through the skin. That would be a sight to see.

So instead of waste $23 on these magnets. I'll use only 1 of them and use a less powerful smaller magnet on the other end. That's when I figure out how to separate both of them.

Magnets this powerful are good for making your own Ninja gloves, knee pads and feet so you can walk up a steel building. 

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