Friday, March 18, 2011

R5-D4 Now on 3 Feet!

I can't even describe how happy I am. I hit a new milestone in my build. A droid on 3 feet I can push around. This weekend I'll try to install the JEDI control and start working on driving him around. Also since I polished the Rockler ring the head certainly spins more freely. That's also some good news.

This thing is big! He takes over the living room, which is pretty cool.
It took about an hour to repeat what took me 90 minutes yesterday. I was able to mount the JAG drive to my other foot and only have to cut once and then mount. Everything was flowing smoothly so I kept on going.
Next I attached the JAG ankle to Ryan's feet. This spacer rests on this side of the foot. The 2 black bolts are attached to some nylon nuts.
Now its put together I don't see how this is re-enforcing anything since it only attached the leg to the leg. LOL. I think maybe I should make a steel plate with 6 holes or something and have them screw into that. I dunno yet.
You'll need to use a round file inside the ankle so the copper bushing will fit in. You don't want to file too much so it slides in by hand. Just enuff that it starts to nest in each hole. Then push them together for the good solid fit.
So the 4 bolts are going through the spacer and then screwing into those other 4 inserts. I think if I add a steel plate to connect all 6 bolts. That will do a decent job to re-enforce the ankle to foot. R5 is top heavy so I don't mind some over kill in some areas.
I'm not used to having him stand so tall now that he's on all 3 feet. Now the real fun begins. I'm almost done with the basic assembly and construction phase.Soon work on the R2-D2 head that will sometimes  a go on this droid. Lots of electronics work ahead. I also have Q5 legs and ankles that need to be put together and attached to that foot drive I put together last week. Soon that droid will be on 2 feet, since I don't have a center foot for it yet.
This took a lot of work, a bunch of money and a few drops of blood. But its worth every penny.

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