Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Foot Drives

A brand new JAG foot drive system arrives! Now I have one of these for each droid. I just have to figure out how to hook them up. I need to save up for a set of NP motors to power this system.

I didn't work too much on the droids today. I put the rockler ring back together and used white lithium grease. I'd say it spins with 2 -3 times better and faster than it did before. When I do my other ring I just replace the grease without polishing to check the difference.
I've added a magnet on the rear skin next to the octoport. Now I'm testing out Loctite Power Grab all purpose construction adhesive to bond the AL to AL. This strip of AL that has magnets has to be attached to the skin with adhesive more powerful than rare earth magnets. I tried this before with superglue and the superglue failed.
On the other side of the skins I'm gluing this painted AL strip with a magnet on it. Tried super glue but it wasn't strong enuff. Now I'm testing a new adhesive that I mentioned above.
Here is how I have this rare Earth magnet attached to the lower rear skin using a 8/32 standoff. The other side of it is held on by a counter sunk bolt.
Here is the other side of it. This thin strip of AL makes a lip for the back door to rest again.This strip is great if it works, it must with stand the force of magnets pulling on it, 3M dual lock tape, plus the force of the back door pushing it in. I wish I had foresight to make this and just have the inner skin screwed to this in some places. Other wise it falls through. I've been messing with this back door forever now.
The magnets in the leg and shoulder hub are now done and installed and this system works. I going to do the same thing in my other droid. Even if your shoulder hub fits tight this is insurance it won't fall out over some bumps.

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