Saturday, March 26, 2011

Center Vents Installed

The last body piece on R5 is now installed finishing the look of the droid. Now I only have the feet and battery boxes to work on. Then he's basically complete except for future electronic work that upcoming.
Today I mounted the JAG ankles to Q5's leg. I had to drill my own custom holes in the leg and get 2.5 inch 1/4 bolts to go through both sides of the leg. I got the idea from Paul's R2-D2.

I didn't like how the painted legs turned out on this set. I didn't sand them and the result is tons of marks you can see through the paint where the grinder was used. So I used a sander and removed the paint and sanded all the grinder marks off 1 leg and got half of the other leg done. My hands go tired of the sanding so I called it a day. I think I"ll get around to sanding and priming these ankles soon.

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