Monday, March 7, 2011

Magnets again

The JBweld is now dry on the back of my shoulder hubs. Next I attached rare Earth magnets which are seen here as black.
Then you drop your shoulder hub into the leg where you want it to attach.
On the other side of the leg let 2 magnets jump into position and hold the power coupler on.
Then tape them in place so they won't go anywhere.
Now take off those magnets from the back of your shoulder hub and let them position themself over your taped magnets in the back. I then super glued them into place and then JB welded them in. 24 hours later I can remove the tape in the back and insert my shoulder hubs.
On my rear full door I screwed and then taped a hole. I then attached this powerful rare Earth Magnet. I'll work on the other side that this attaches too later this week. 
In this photo if you look below the hole I counter sunk. You can see I just barely hit into the ring. That bumps out the aluminum which clearly will slow down your ring. I noticed of have 2 of these spots I'll need to file down before I polish this.
The other project today was taking apart my rockler and polishing the inside. This is supposed to make them spin better. I'm going to find out.  You untighten the retaining screw and the steel balls will fall out of the hole. Then I washed all the grease off the balls and the ring and bought some lithium grease. I got about 3/4 of the rings polished. I started to run out of polishing disc and called it a day after 5 hours of working on the droids today. I'll finish this project tomorrow. 

I also worked on my rear door skin with some magnets but screwed 1 side up. That will set me back 2 days as I have to cut and paint some parts to replace the ones I wrecked.

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