Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fixing Broken Welds and Breaking New Ones

I fixed up the broken welds on the battery box by putting steel flat bar behind where you see the screws. Then put filler over the top to hide the screws.
Then I make some ankle locks for my U channel. First I made a test piece out of cardboard, then copied that to the aluminum flat bar.
The little triangles are installed. One of them is a bit crooked so I'll need to play around with that until its straight. This is only temporary until I have feet to replace that U channel.
Now the bad. You're looking at one of the aluminum legs on R2-Q5. I was sanding out the grinder marks and the leg cracked. At first it wasn't too bad but as I was mounting the ankle on it it broke apart more. Time to stop. Either this has to be rewelded or I need new legs. Poor Q5 and its setbacks. This won't deter me very much. I'm very determined and will keep on going. The dome for this droid will arrive next week and I can work on that instead while I ponder over this. This droid probably won't make it to 2011 Phoenix Comicon now.

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