Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jag Ankles Arrive

I've been waiting a while for the last and run of ankles to finish up. They are well worth the wait. Here's a test fit.
My legs are almost complete. Now with this final piece of the puzzle I can get both droids up on there drive trains soon. That will be my primary focus until that project is done.
Aluminum heaven! Its just like Christmas month after month.
I think I have this correct. The spacer plate goes over the outside and then the outer ankle goes over that. Then the screws tighten it down. My main question those is on the hardware used to fasten this together. More on that in a minute.
Here is a look inside the leg. These were made by Ryan in his leg run last summer. I think the threaded inserts are steel because of the rust. But whats holding them on? All of the weight of this heavy droid depends on 4 of them per leg not to fail. Its not welded but whats holding it?
Here is a look inside my other legs which are on R2-Q5. These legs have inserts on both sides of the leg.
Ryan's leg has holes that line up with the JAG ankle. However these legs don't line up with the holes. So I either gotta make new holes in the ankle to line up with the inserts or make the inserts line up with the holes or move them elsewhere.
These bolts came with the leg. They're not long enuff to fasten using the spacer plate. Are these really long enough to hold a 200 pound droid together? If those spacers fail my droid will face plant.
Here' is a pic from Paul's blog where the insert has broken off.
He used longer bolts to go through both sides of the leg.
I'm tempted to also go this route, but wonder what other builders have done to secure the ankles on the best they can.

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